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How Not To Die Alone


‘How does everyone find love and not me?’, ‘How do I even know if this person is right for me?’ These are questions we have all come across in our life. Amidst the swipe culture and the numerous choices in front of us, we are constantly in a conflict of what’s good for us. The constant turmoils in relationships around us do not make it easy for us either. At some point we catch ourselves wondering if there is even a right person for each one of us.
Great relationships don’t just occur. They are a culmination of various factors. The most important one is consistent efforts. As time changes, we change as a person. To adapt with those changes, it is important that we put in constant efforts to know and understand each other better. This book by Logan Ury helps us decode the steps to navigate through a relationship and build one that is long lasting. From understanding what’s holding you back to how to make your dates fun, this data driven book is an easy-to-follow guide for better relationships.