Branches facing the Earth

Description: I Began Running Out Of The Coppice. As I Ran Looking Behind Me On And Off, I Almost Stepped Over A Six-Foot Snake Sheath That Lay Right In Front Of My Eyes. I Gasped For Breath And Shut My Eyes For A Second. With Panic In My Breath, I Ran Out Of The Coppice And Reached The Nearest Bus Stop.

Like A Tired Puppy, I Was Gasping.


The journey to Success

Description: This is an inspirational plot about Parth, who migrates to a foreign country. The plot focuses on several twists and turns to create awareness of life away from home in search of fame and money.


Do It Today 


Are you also tired of putting off your dreams until “tomorrow?” Guess what! Tomorrow never comes. Am I right?

I’ve procrastinated and put off my desire to write a book for a decade. I always came up with excuses like, “it’s not the right time.” Or, “I need to do more research.”

But in 2015 I got tired of this endless procrastination, and finally took action. Six months later, my first book was published.

Look, we all have limited time on our hands. And we’re getting closer to death every single minute. That shouldn’t scare you. That should motivate you!

Time is limited, that’s why we must do the things we want: Today.

In this “best of” collection, I’ve handpicked 30 of my best articles that help you to overcome procrastination, improve your productivity, and achieve all the things you always wanted.

Plus, I’ve written an extensive introduction about my life and work philosophy.

In Do It Today, you’ll learn:

  1. Why we procrastinate and how we can overcome it
  2. How to increase your productivity without being stressful
  3. How to achieve more meaningful things in your life so you can enjoy it more

Are you ready to start reading this book?

If so: Do it today—not tomorrow


What I Talk About When I Talk About Running

Description: ‘Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional compelling mediation on the power of running and a fascinating insight into the life of this internationally bestselling writer. A perfect reading companion for any meditative new year runners. In 1982, having sold his jazz bar to devote himself to writing, Murakami began running to keep fit. A year later, he’d completed a solo course from Athens to Marathon, and now, after dozens of such races, he reflects upon the influence the sport has had on his life and on his writing. Equal parts travelogue, training log, and reminiscence, this revealing memoir covers his four-month preparation for the 2005 New York City Marathon and settings ranging from Tokyo’s Jingu Gaien gardens, where he once shared the course with an Olympian, to the Charles River in Boston. By turns funny and sobering, playful and philosophical, this is a must-read for fans of this masterful yet private writer as well as for the exploding population of athletes who find similar satisfaction in distance running.’There can never have been a book quite like this memoir of running and writing before. In its self-contained way, it’s nothing less than an inspiration Evening Standard’Hugely enjoyable…You don’t have to have run a marathon to be captivated’ Sunday Telegraph’Comical, charming and philosophical…an excellent memoir’ GQ



Description: WINNER OF THE YA BOOK PRIZE 2021The fourth novel from the phenomenally talented Alice Oseman, author of Solitaire and the graphic novel series Heartstopper – soon to be a major Netflix series. It was all sinking in. I’d never had a crush on anyone. No boys, no girls, not a single person I had ever met. What did that mean? Georgia has never been in love, never kissed anyone, never even had a crush –  but as a fanfic-obsessed romantic she’s sure she’ll find her person one day. As she starts university with her best friends, Pip and Jason, in a whole new town far from home, Georgia’s ready to find romance, and with her outgoing roommate on her side and a place in the Shakespeare Society, her ‘teenage dream’ is in sight. But when her romance plan wreaks havoc amongst her friends, Georgia ends up in her own comedy of errors, and she starts to question why love seems so easy for other people but not for her. With new terms thrown at her – asexual, aromantic –  Georgia is more uncertain about her feelings than ever. Is she destined to remain loveless? Or has she been looking for the wrong thing all along? This wise, warm and witty story of identity and self-acceptance sees Alice Oseman in towering form as Georgia and her friends discover that true love isn’t limited to romance.


Buy Happiness from a Bookshelf

Description: This book will tell you who you are and why you do what you do. It will throw light on why you feel the way you feel and will give practical approaches to leading a happy, soul-fulfilling life. If you’ve ever wondered about what is going on in people’s minds, then this book is a one-stop solution. Psychology, Psychiatry, Spirituality, Philosophy, and Body-Mind-Spirit, are all interconnected and you will know why, when you read this book. This book also contains a free “21 days Inner Exploration Program” which will lead you on to a path of self-discovery.