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5 AM Club by Robin Sharma 


In his book “5 AM,” Robin Sharma shares invaluable insights into harnessing the power of change to unlock your potential and lead a fulfilling life. He emphasizes that life only changes when we decide to change. Just as learning to walk was a challenging but ultimately rewarding endeavor, so is forming new habits. Let’s delve into the three-stage process he outlines to help you rise early at 5 AM and cultivate a habit that can reshape your life.

Presenting you How to keep up with your New Year Resolutions? Inspired from 5AM CLUB book written by Robin Sharma on The Book Show ft. RJ Ananthi. 

How To wake up early?

Step 1: Trigger

To kickstart your journey, set up a trigger for change. Eliminate technological distractions from your morning routine, allowing only an alarm clock to wake you. This simple shift minimizes the temptation to scroll through your devices and instead focuses your attention on your new habit.

Step 2: Ritual

During the early hours, your prefrontal cortex—the part of the brain responsible for decision-making—is less active, making it easier to overcome excuses. Capitalize on this by having a heart-to-heart conversation with this inner voice. Remind it of your commitment to change, and gently dismiss the urge to stay in bed.

Step 3: Reward

Reward yourself for your achievements along the way. Consider treats like a piece of chocolate, a favorite breakfast, or even a few minutes of quiet reflection. These rewards reinforce your commitment, creating positive associations with your new habit.

Stage 1: Destruction – 

The initial 22 days are undoubtedly the most formidable in adopting a new habit. In this stage, you’re confronting your comfort zone and battling against the voice that tells you to stay put. This is the time to persevere, for it is through discomfort that growth emerges. Remember, passion, derived from Latin, translates to “to suffer.” Embrace this suffering as the crucible in which your new self will be forged. The discomfort you face here paves the way for your transformation in the subsequent stages.

Stage 2: Installation 

Another 22 days follow, and in this stage, you’re actively manufacturing your “new norm.” This is where you create the structure for your habit to flourish. It’s common to feel apprehensive and even tempted to abandon your pursuit during this phase. However, remember that change is a process, and your commitment to shaping a better version of yourself will steer you forward. Consistency is your ally; it takes time for new behaviors to embed themselves in your daily routine.

Stage 3: Integration

As the final 22 days unfold, the pieces start falling into place. The habit that seemed so challenging in the beginning begins to feel more natural and integrated into your life. This is where the rewards of your efforts become evident. By this stage, you’ve experienced the benefits of your early-rising routine. You’ve harnessed the power of your mornings, enabling you to approach your day with a full battery, ready to tackle challenges and opportunities with renewed vigour.

As Mahatma Gandhi aptly put it, the real battle lies within ourselves. The journey to transforming your life through habits requires determination and a willingness to face discomfort. Starting with the challenge of waking up at 5 AM, you’ll harness the power of your mornings to embrace each day with newfound energy and focus. By investing in yourself, you’re setting the stage for a richer and more fulfilling life, aligning with the age-old wisdom that time is indeed the greatest currency. Remember, just as the sun rises each morning, your commitment to change can illuminate your path to personal growth. By persisting through the stages of discomfort, establishment, and integration, you pave the way for a future where positive habits are the cornerstone of your success and well-being.

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