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The cooking god in you

Description: ‘ The cooking God In you’ is a book that will unearth some top secrets of south Indian cooking that are not so very common to find in any of the top notch restaurants. This is a age of digitalisation and super great connectivity to everyone and you just have to click, subscribe and like for the menu that will teach you how to make the cuisine, the background music, fantastic kitchen, the utensils, they all look so nice but we lost the idea reaching the menu to the soul. Yes, reading the recipe and imagining makes a soulful food…Wonder! why those days Mom’s food is still remembered… A recipe when you read it goes inside your soul and makes all action as unique as the reader of the book, in this way he/she get her own style and makes it more tastier I feel, ‘The cooking god in you will provoke your taste sense and make you feel a better cook .The recipe are quite unique that comes from Authors kitchen which is much appreciated.