Branches facing the Earth


As we journey through life, certain memories from our childhood leave a lasting impact. One such recollection for many of us is the fear of ghost stories and movies. As kids, those spine-chilling tales could turn even the bravest among us into scaredy-cats. And if you happened to be the youngest in the family, you might have been the target of playful teasing and spooky pranks.
Think back to those times when older siblings or cousins would spin eerie stories that would send shivers down your spine. You’d find yourself wide-eyed, imagining the shadows in the dark and the unknown lurking just beyond. In some instances, you might have been left all alone, trembling with fear, as your mischievous companions vanished into the darkness, leaving you to navigate the eerie staircase alone.
These childhood memories, though frightening, hold a certain charm. They’re the inspiration behind a captivating book titled “Branches Facing the Earth,” penned by Anitha Chakravarthy Sriram. This book isn’t just about ghosts; it’s a compilation of stories that delve into the supernatural and the mysterious.
Have you ever wondered about those moments when you felt a loved one’s presence or sensed signs guiding you? The book touches upon such experiences where people interpret signs as messages from beyond. These stories might make you reflect on the inexplicable connections we sometimes feel.
One story revolves around the tragedy of a photo falling, believed to be a foreboding sign. Such tales stir up questions about the unknown and remind us of the mysteries that surround us. A dream that foreshadows an unfortunate event adds another layer of intrigue.
Intriguingly, the stories in the book also touch on themes of friendship, nostalgia, and empathy. As characters encounter mysterious occurrences, the tales explore the depths of human emotions and reactions. An atheist doctor’s encounter with a divine intervention, a child defying odds, and the unexpected revelation of a long-lost friend’s ghostly presence—these stories weave together emotions and inexplicable events.
Anitha Chakravarthy Sriram masterfully blends elements of mythology and fiction to create a tapestry of stories that are as thrilling as they are thought-provoking. From British ghosts to military spirits, the narratives expand beyond the ordinary and challenge our understanding of the world.
Remember those spine-tingling stories that sent chills down your spine? Well, the book revives those memories through tales of haunting encounters and unexplainable phenomena. It isn’t just about fear; it’s about the fascination with the unknown.
The book’s characters navigate through enigmatic experiences that blur the line between the earthly and the supernatural. These stories aren’t confined to the realm of ghosts; they also explore divine interventions, coincidences, and the inexplicable twists of fate. The author’s unique blend of reality and fiction adds a captivating layer to each narrative.
As you dive into “Branches Facing the Earth,” you’ll find yourself immersed in a world where the ordinary becomes extraordinary, and the veil between reality and the beyond is lifted. The stories are bite-sized, allowing you to savour one each day and relish the spine-tingling anticipation.
Whether you’re a firm believer in the supernatural or simply enjoy an enthralling tale, this book offers a roller-coaster ride of emotions and mysteries. The stories within “Branches Facing the Earth” will take you on a journey that’s both thrilling and introspective, making you question the boundaries of the known and the unknown. So, if you’re up for an adventure that embraces the unexplainable, this book might just be your next captivating read.
It’s a simple easy read book with 10 short stories written by Anitha Chakravarthy Sriram. This book has compiled the experience of suspense, horror, thriller and supernatural events. The stories aren’t so scary or frightening, but it’s got the right amount of thriller and supernatural elements in it. All the stories are written in a way that makes you believe if its a real incident. Do yourself a favour and try to read this book. Watch this video to learn more about the book.

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The Midnight Library


When you take the 12 B bus you have one story and if don’t you get a different one. Small decisions change our lives. For example, if you join a different school your life will be different, you meet some other people your life will be different and if you were born in a different city it will again be different. We had so many probable and possible lives. What if we could live them all?
Life is a series of choices, both big and small, that we make every day. These choices shape our paths and determine the realities we live in. Imagine being able to peer into the alternate lives we could have led, the roads we didn’t take, and the loves we didn’t pursue. This is the essence of the fabled library between life and death.
Nora Seed, the protagonist of this poignant tale, finds herself at a crucial crossroads in her life. Burdened by regrets and the weight of unfulfilled dreams, she discovers the Midnight Library—a place where the shelves stretch endlessly, each book holding the story of a life she could have lived had she made different choices. This extraordinary concept ignites a journey of introspection and self-discovery for Nora.
Every book within this celestial library holds a narrative, one for the life you have lived and another for the life that could have been, had you chosen differently at any crossroads. It is a testament to the multitude of possibilities that exist within the realm of our decisions and the vast array of paths that unfold before us.
Regrets, a burden we all carry to varying degrees, often stem from the choices we wish we could alter. We wonder if a different decision would have led us to a happier, more fulfilling life. The Library of Infinite Stories addresses these very thoughts, presenting us with the opportunity to explore our regrets and ponder the potential outcomes of choices.
One might imagine perusing the shelves of this library, reaching for the book that tells the tale of the life they currently lead. They may marvel at the pages that recount their achievements, the people they love, and the experiences that have defined them. Yet, besides this book lies another, offering a glimpse into a parallel life, one where a different choice led to a contrasting reality.
It’s a tantalizing thought, isn’t it? To see how a seemingly inconsequential decision could have altered the course of our lives dramatically. Maybe a different school, a different job, or a different city would have presented us with a life we only dreamed of. The idea challenges us to reflect on the path we’ve taken and encourages us to embrace the choices we’ve made, appreciating the beauty of our unique journey.
In this endless expanse of alternate realities, we find solace and wisdom. We come to understand that every choice we make is significant, and every moment of doubt or regret is a stepping stone towards growth and self-discovery. The library of infinite stories teaches us to cherish the life we have, knowing that it is a culmination of the choices that have brought us to this very moment.
Life’s intricacies and the infinite array of possibilities it presents are a testament to the richness of the human experience. We are the authors of our own stories, crafting our narratives with every decision we make. Let us embrace the beautiful uncertainty of life and savour the adventures that our choices unfold, for it is in this exploration that we truly live.
A Book that talks about different hopes and possibilities of our life. We always have so many choices infant of us. We take something and we let go off something. This book talks about how our choices and possibilities changes the perspective of our life, mostly about regret. Watch the full video to know more.